Sunday, November 9, 2008

Garage sale stickers= hours of fun!

It's so crazy how the simplest things can entertain kids for hours. Tyler came across garage sale tags from this last summer and decided to decorate himself. That's kind of his thing. Anytime he gets his hands on stickers they end up in a giant clumpy cluster on his shirt. This time, his face. I laughed and laughed. Drew joined in the fun not being able to stand Ty being the center of attention and Jack was just an innocent bystander. It's times like these I hope to remember forever.

Yesterday was the big party for my good friend Kris. We started off with a wedding shower at Carlos O' Kelly's leading into a bachelorette party downtown Cedar Rapids. It was great to see Kris having a good time for the most part. Getting crazy is not really her thing, but with some little coaxing from a dude dressed in a pirate costume, she spent at least 5 minutes on the dance floor. That's a big step for Kris. You go girl!!

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