Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Fam...

Our Christmas card this year...If you didn't receive one it's because Tyler spilled some sort of liquid on all the addressed envelopes (without cards in them) and they were destroyed and sealed shut. If you would like one, I would be happy to send one out.

I won a local Christmas card contest with this card!! A brand spankin' new Canon Powershot is all mine, baby.

It was so much fun watching the kids open their gifts this year. Tyler was a package opening fool. He opened everything. Even if they didn't have his name on it.

Jackson had 2 teeth pop through in the last couple of days. One on the top and one on the bottom. He's also been doing a lot of yelling. "Tyler!!!!" or "Gabe!!!" Obviously he's picking up on who the trouble makers are in this house.

Drew is really missing school and his friends. He can't quite understand why he hasn't gone in awhile and is sure the other kids and teachers are there without him. We drove by the other day to prove to him he wasn't missing out.

I haven't seen my girls...Kate and Andi (and Connie too) In quite awhile. Hopefully we will get together soon. They are living it up in Tahoe over the holidays...lucky girls. I'm sure they are having a blast.

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  1. Jess showed me your Chirstmas card at school and I have to say I am so jealous! And a new camera to boot! Way to go! Love to see your creations and your fresh take on the craziness we call life!