Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, Christmas was interesting this year. All the boys in my house had the stomach flu. Including my husband and my brother, Josh who was home from Texas. My step-dad Steve ended up getting the sickies as well.

All in all, it was nice to spend time together, even though a lot of it was spent catching puke.

Things have slowed down like they always do around the holidays. Most my time the last couple of weeks was spent taking and editing pictures.

I did some head shots for my girl, Debra, of her son Joe. We had to make the deadline for the yearbook for a picture and will do the rest when the weather gets a little nicer.

My good friend Kris was married early in December. The day was fantastic! She looked beautiful and the groom, handsome. I was unsure about how it would go. I was the maid of honor and did a lot of the photography as well, so, things were busy. I must say it was so intimate and romantic. One of the best weddings I've been to. We had a blast.

I photographed a three month old named Kane. He was tired, but being a great sport. After I left the shoot, I rear-ended a Fed Ex truck (because of slick roads not crappy driving). Good times.

I also had the opportunity to take some photos of the Miller family. I used to work with Danielle (the cute blonde) at City Revealed Magazine. Her son, Elijah found out he had cancer around Thanksgiving and after his first round of cemo is in remission. What great news!!! I had to wear a mask when shooting the pics since I had been around sick kids. I think it made it easier for eveyone to smile because I looked so silly.

Then there was the Vander Horn's. We spent the morning laughing at Jacob being a silly goof. Quite the character. What a cutie.

Have a Happy New year everyone!!

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  1. I have to say that the photos are just fantastic!Your blog is probably the most beautiful one I've ever seen!