Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, I've fallen WAY behind on things. Life has been SO nuts!! In the last year, Drew started kindergarten, Tyler started preschool, and Justin has a new job. As for me, I've found my new passion...roller derby.

It feels fantastic to have something that's just for me. I work at home, take care of the kids and my husband at home. Derby forces me out of the house. It's the best workout ever and a ton of fun. Being a part of the Cedar Rapids Rollergirls makes me feel important again.

My Derby name is A Few Screws Lucy #5150 (the police code for an involuntary commitment).

The kids have had a series of sicknesses so far this winter. 2 waves of the tummy flu...which hit the guys at all different times. This was directly followed by disgusting colds. We're still fighting one off right now.